HEALTHY IRISH FISH TREATS FOR DOGS - Tasty, Sustainable & 100% Natural


Our sustainable fish treats are lovingly crafted for your dogs at our facility in Wexford, close to the crystal waters and pristine sands of Kilmore Quay.  These all-natural, seriously yummy treats are made with 100% fresh fish, and nothing else! Then they are slowly air-dried to lock in all their goodness.

All our fish is sourced by Atlantis Seafoods of Kilmore Quay. If anyone knows good fish, they do. John and his team have been supplying their premium seafood produce to restaurants, hotels and shops across Ireland for over 25 years, and their excellent reputation reflects the dedication and care they put into every aspect of their
business. With BRC- and Origin Green certification, the business is serious about sustainability, and passionate about protecting fish stocks for future generations.


Healthy Source of Protein
Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Good Source of Key Vitamins & Minerals
Beneficial for Dogs With Allergies
Good For Sensitive Tummies
Fish Skins a Valuable Source of Collagen