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We got Ziggy from the DSPCA, in February 2018 at 6 months old. He was one of a litter of 3 gorgeous but terrified little Border Collies handed in from a farm in Wexford.

Once with us, in his new home, he wouldn’t even look at us. Instead, he wedged himself under any bit of furniture where he would stay for hours in an attempt to make his new environment just swallow him up! We had to hand feed him nut by nut but eventually he gained our trust. We all fell madly in love with this highly strung bag of nerves.

Hours and hours of dedication have gone into this gorgeous black and white shiny fella, to try to make him feel more secure. He adores other dogs and is never happier then when out sprinting and sniffing around Killiney hill meeting other little doggies and ever hopeful for a close encounter with a squirrel.

But, once home, he gets back into full time work mode. Close at heel back n forth, up and down, in and out…. there is no let up. Alert and at work trying to figure out and differentiate between every little scratch, squeak, shuffle, clatter, knock and bang ALL DAY LONG!! But once the house is still and all the humans can be accounted for, he will snuggle up beside us, keen for a cuddle and a tummy rub.

We love our little slinky shiny zig zag Ziggy dog ❤️